Welcome to Vancouver!

Theme Notes

I try lots of themes and plugins. Here’s some notes to remember what I’m doing. Pixel settings for the “Siimply Read” theme, for example.

Color Posts

“Color Post” plugin analyzes your image media and sets a coordinating background for your post. No settings. Your theme might override it.

MOOT is better?

I already forget, but apparently I tried a comment engine called “Moot.” I’ve tried a lot. They alll have their aspects. Beware Facebook.

Aesop Sampler

I tried Aesop Story Engine when it first came out. I don’t think I had all the elements in place. Haven’t had a chance to look at it more recently.

Jetpack Comments

A year or two back I tried a lot of comment engines. This was one of many sample posts for that. Sadly I don’t think I documented the results!

Back to Disqus

Wordpress Comments. Jetpack Comments. Disqus Comments. Facebook Comments. Google+ Comments. And so on! And so on!

Testing Intense Debate

I was really excited that Intense Debate might be the winner. Sadly Automattic bought them, put the peeps on other projects, & ID is lost.

Cheer History Moment!

Who knew virtual cheerleading could be so much fun! What a great group of people! That was really a great time.

Croon Nandahar

Croon Nandahar came floating through the Pussy Riot Solidarity Parade at Virtual Red Square on August 17!

Hello Open Graph World

Setting up the site for Facebook Open Graph? What a dumb idea that was. What was I thinking?

Hello Open Graph World 2!

First OG sample was published before I authenticated. So this is the post-authentication test. Also, note that Facebook is a vast wasteland.

Cheerleader Beach Party!

This was a test of Facebook comments. I forget how everything worked back then. But a test is a test. Sorta.

Deadbeat Cheerleader

So there I was, a cheerleader, enjoying a rich, full “Second Life” filled with friends, activities, and lots of good things. Then one day it happened

Gallery Test

With WordPress 3.5 (and Jetpack I guess) came Gallery mode. This was a simple test of how the various options looked.


It’s Sunday morning, 8am, in Vancouver and it’s currently 1°C. kk, technically “not freezing,” but believe me – it’s freezing!

Horny Mascot

Sometimes your mascot is horny. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Cheerleaders are used to putting up with a lot!

Tree Walk

One of our most amazing attractions is the chance to walk up high in the forest canopy. Bring your camera. It’s completely safe!

Rain Forest

Yes, Vancouver has a rain forest. We get so much annual rainfall. You won’t believe the lush vegetation till you experience it firsthand.

We have some of the world’s most beautiful hiking trails here in Vancouver. And just minutes out of the city. Take a hike today!

A world class conference and exhibition center on the water. Be sure to take a selfie with the voxel whale!

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